Saturday, March 10, 2012

How to Make the Most of Travel Guides

Start With An Overview Of The Area

Rather than honing in immediately on specific attractions in a region, try to take a broader approach right off the bat. Use travel guides to get a general feel for the area that you will be visiting; take your time and read a few travelogues about the region. If possible, look for well written, engaging pieces about the place you'll be traveling too. Usually, travel guides do offer general overviews that describe the basic features of an area, including its climate, currency, culture and general statistics. Use this information to form a picture in your mind about what the place will probably be like; that way, you'll have a better idea about what you'd like to focus on while there.

Narrow Your Focus

After getting a basic idea about your destination, start honing in on a couple of key places or attractions. Use a couple of different travel guides in order to get a feel for which attractions are considered the most significant or "must see" in the area, then read more detailed information about each. If you already have a certain kind of place you prefer - i.e., a beach or somewhere to go hiking - look for information about such attractions in the travel guide that you're using.

Keep An Open Mind

Part of the joy of traveling is seeing and being exposed to different cultures and things that you otherwise never would be. Therefore, you should be willing to keep an open mind and seek out places that you might not normally be interested in. When reading travel guides, don't skip over entire sections just because you think you'd certainly never be interested in the topic; instead, look at it as an opportunity to find out about something different. You might be surprised and come across an idea or suggestion that sounds really appealing, after all.